Literature and FAQ’s

Garrett Literature Section:

The Garrett Turbocharger – A guide to Garrett Turbos: Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting, and Failure Analysis.

Garrett Turbocharging Systems – A guide to understanding Garrett Charge-Air Systems: All the Fundamentals



Turbo- Frequently Asked Questions

Common Causes of Turbocharger Failure

  • Contaminated oil
  • Dirty oil
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Low oil pressure
  • Kinks in the oil inlet lines
  • Clogs in the oil inlet line
  • Plugged air cleaners
  • Collapsing hose connections
  • Undersized air pipes
  • Prolonged engine idling
  • Over-fueling
  • Hot engine shut-down
  • Improperly installed gaskets
  • Nuts & washers dropped into exhaust system

Preventing Turbo Failure

  • Keep clean oil in engine
  • Keep the air filter clean and unrestricted
  • The duct work from the air cleaner should be free of holes
  • The duct work connections should be tight to prevent leaks
  • Warm up the engine for two to five minutes prior to throttling up
  • Let engine idle for approximately 2 minutes prior to engine shut down

Installation Checklist

  1. Pre-installation
    • Service air cleaners and eliminate all restrictions and leaks.
    • BEFORE installing this turbocharger inspect and remove all foreign material from air inlet ducting and intake and exhaust manifolds.
    • Replace all oil pressure and drain lines which are kinked, broken or heat worn. On all automotive turbochargers, the oil inlet line/tube must be replaced. Change engine oil filters if contaminated.
    • Replace all contaminated crankcase and compressor filters.
  2. Installation
    • Mount turbocharger and exhaust manifold using new gasket and anti-seize compound on studs and bolts.
    • Inspect exhaust system. Remove any restrictions which might cause excessive back pressure before connecting to turbocharger.
    • Attach oil inlet line to turbocharger.
    • Align bearing housing drain hole to not more than 30° from vertical center position.
    • Tighten clamps, capscrews or nuts to recommended specifications.
    • Connect air pipage system to turbocharger.
  3. Pre-lubrication
    • BEFORE ATTACHING oil drain line to turbocharger CRANK ENGINE until oil flows from oil drain hole in bearing housing. DO NOT START ENGINE.
    • Attach oil drain line to turbocharger.
  4. Operation
    • Idle engine for 5 minutes. DO NOT REV. Check all systems for oil, air or exhaust leaks.
    • Always have operator IDLE ENGINE for 3 MINUTES PRIOR TO SHUTDOWN for longer turbocharger life